Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ketrina DeLioncourt - LineArt.

While some of my recently completed commissions are under non-disclosure agreements and therefore cannot see the light of day online - I'm excited to be able to share those which are not. Here's linework for the character sheet commission I'm currently working on for my buddy Kat, of her main pirate character. This will be one of the full-color detailed character sheets I offer for commissions, and will also include a head shot of Ket here, close-ups of some of her more important attributes, as well as text descriptions in a professional, cohesive layout. I'm just particularly fond of the way the line art for the orthographic poses turned out - I've been familiar with this particular character for years - can't help but love her. While the chracter is Kat's, the outfit itself was of my own devises... which I have to tell you, was ridiculously fun to do. There's just something about pirates...


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