Friday, December 12, 2008

Artemis Moon

Another assignment from my Figure Illustration 1 course this semester - finally scanned in! (It's too beg for an average scanner, at about 14x17 inches) This particular assignment had three main requirements. 1) it had to depict a Greek myth of our choice. 2) it had to be done traditionally, preferably in part with acrylics, and 3) while photo realism was not required, we did absolutely have to use photographic reference.

I also apparently have something for moons in the backgrounds of images for this class. This was the first of two. No idea why.

At any rate, the lovely *Tasastock of Deviantart was gracious enough to allow me to use one of her images ([link]) as reference for Artemis here - my Greek Goddess of choice - Goddess of the Hunt. Do check out her wonderful stock gallery if you get the chance!

Acrylics, Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Illustration board.


Figure Drawings Gallore

So ends this semester, and my Figure Illustration 1 class with the tremendously awesome mister Chuck Gillies. Below is a handful of scans from my newsprint pad from in-class life drawings, ranging from portraits to figures to random odd doodles.
This image is so completely typical of my life drawing books. I just cannot seem to take the thing TOO seriously, henceforth the presence of little cartoon doodles. Above is Harry sporting what usually would be a star-stamped hat, and, for whatever odd reason, my boyfriend and I as cats. I believe at one point in the sketchbook, a particularly frail model of ours was wearing a pie for a hat.
I am so glad I caught this image. Rich has an absolutely fantastic smile, but one, sadly, that is rarely seen due to the seriousness and intensity of such drawing classes, and the length of many of the poses. One of the many perks of having a class with Chuck, however, is his great humor, and frequent entertaining stories. Rich was smirking amidst one of them at one point in the same moments that I was caricaturing his face. The above image was the result, and it is one of my favorites from the semester because of it.
More drawings still! Rick in a Greek warriors' outfit, a montage of Ron, as well as a trio of portraits, including classmate Lindsey, my buddy Calvin, and our model Harry (and my inherent incapability to adhere to seriousness therein) once again.


Harry at Rest

This is one of a handful of life drawings I just scanned out of a newsprint pad from Figure Illustration 1 this semester. I'm not sure what it is about the regular male models at my college, but they're all absolutely fabulous to draw - fantastic unique features, on top of being really great guys. This portrait in particular I really enjoy - I believe it was a 20 minute pose.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Nexus: Feral Kin" Colored

Another Finals assignment for the semester out of the way: Score. Given some compositional tweaking from the original sketchbook lineart posted earlier, I gave Nexus' Simon, Dominic and Cheyenne here a proper color treatment: More then was required for the assignment itself, which was to simply have a certain ammount of drawings in a sketchbook completed, granted, but hey. This was fun... and if one can make Finals fun, by all means. Rock it.


Nanmia Character Study

The rather charming old gal I've been animating in recent weeks, Nanmia, from my TKP series concept. This was the initial study sheet I scrawled out prior to starting the current animation I'm working with. I really do love this character - tenfold since animating her. She's both charming and an incredibel challange in all of her loose, floppy skin and quirky expression. I'll hopefully get the pencil test posted here for you soon.