Sunday, March 4, 2012

TKP One-Shot Line Art

So as it happened, February was completely gobbled up by freelance concept work: Last week alone, I pulled over 80 hours, for example. That work appears to be leading to a full-time staff position with the studio, however, which is positively wonderful - I couldn't be happier.

I wanted to start adhering to more blog posts again, though, so here's something new: I drew this in January, actually, before this latest job and I crossed paths in full force: A large one-shot illustration of a number of characters of mine, from one of my own personal projects - the largest, in fact, being TKP. This drawing, really, is purely self indulgent - for the fun of it. I've completed flat colors as well, and will be painting away at it on the side, amongst job, commissions and other things as, hey, everyone needs that little extra fancy. TKP reminds me often why I do what I do - this crazy art for a living thing - the pure, honest, passionate creation of it all - for curious characters in far-off worlds. I love it.