Monday, March 31, 2008

Unavisi Rough Pencil Test

I'm honestly too tired if looking at this thing to comment on it a great deal. Suffice to say, this is a pencil test for Tech 1, with more then a few massively lame issues, but just enough little fun points to make it worth a glance.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Penguin Fun

For fun, I decided to take back up a comic strip series I published in the school newspaper through high school, and have been developing for a cartoon series since. I'll be playing with both strips and shorts like the quickies seen above, and post some of them on here on occassion. What can I say - I love my penguin kids.

Cranky Frankie Pencil Test

A pencil test I did towards the beginning of the semester, for Traditional Tech 1. My second finished piece of traditional character animation - Frankie the Penguin gets punchy over spilt milk.

Grimm Styles

Ohmygoodness. As of today, I'm officially a quarter of a century old.

Anyway, this particular assignment called for us to choose or design a character of our own and draw it in four different styles, one of which was our "typical" style. The above was the result of that - Grimm gets Stylie four times over. I thought I'd post an older image of Grimm as well in her human form, along with her mate, Cravencro. (see below)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Bring Me That Horizon" Progression Video

This is my first attempt at creating any sort of image progression video, so my apologies - it's a little rough. The more I figure out a decent way to do these the better they'll get, I'm sure. At any rate, I'd saved well over a dozen progression images of my Bring Me That Horizon digital illustration I created last year, and thought I'd put the lot together to give everyone an idea of how it was created. The clip is set to "Someone Else" by Thomas Newman, the song that inspired the image to begin with.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"The Defiant" Concept Art

The collection of concept images I've amassed so far for a SciFi project I've been milling over recently, The Defiance. There will undoubtedly be more from this series to come. Image titles, in order of appearance: Wroth, Sadiha, Wroth Progress, Sadiha Progress, Stargazing Sadi, and GrizGriz & Tiago.

TKP Favorites

Two older favorites from a long-running personal project of mine.

Maquette Sculpture

My first two attempts at character maquette sculpting from this semester, Frankie and Wroth. I'm working on my third and final one now, and will post it once it's complete. I'm also considering posting the progress shots I took for Frankie. Any takers?

2007 Rewind

A hand full of my artwork from 2007 worth a second glance. In order of appearance: "Bring Me That Horizon" (Character: Mallaurie DuPre), "Inferno" (Character: Trevor O'Brien), "Power Play" (Characters: Moxie, Grimm, Cravencro), "Kayo 2007" (Character: Cheyenne Valkyrie), "A Wanderer's Welcome" (Characters: Wren, Thorn, and Apple. Thorn and Apple are property of Peta Fenton), "Noir: Personal Hell" (Character: Collin Shardwick), "Dragon: Necrosis" (Character: Necrosis), "Nexus 2007" (Characters: Top row: Shay, Dante, Creeper and Noir. Middle row: Annex, Inferno, and Kayo. Bottom: Oracle)

Film Fest Ad

Well this was certainly a pleasant surprise! CCS recently decided to use some of my storyboard artwork from freshman year to represent the school in an add on the back of the front cover to the 2008 Ann Arbor Film Festival program guide. (CCS is one of the festivals major sponsors this year.) I mean, wow. Seriously. I'm honored, and amusingly giddy to see this. A huge thanks to CCS for the publication! And thanks to Brooke for letting me know it was in there.

That said, I'll definitely be making every effort to attend the festival this year. After the fabulous experience that was the 2007 Ottawa International Animation Festival, how could I resist?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Border Well

On the very outskirts of Haven, beyond the safety of the outer gates, Border Wells have been built with the intention of resting the guardsmens' mounts. On a late night, little DaphneSoleil sneaks out into the Deep to indulge her fascination with the graceful but dangerous winged Eldeattas. Location and characters created by myself for the Unavisi concept, headed by Brianne Goetz. Yet another image created for Environments and Characters class.

The Boar's Bane Apothecary

The Boar's Bane Apothecary, a shop owned by Tamarillo and Sage, is located in the center of Haven, three doors down from the Gilded Gown. Location and characters created by myself for the Unavisi concept, headed by Brianne Goetz. Created for Environments and Characters class at College for Creative Studies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008