Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Studio


First and foremost, my apologies for the slow-down on posting in recent weeks. In the span of two and a half months, I got married, searched for, bought, and moved into a new house, on top of working full-time throughout. Things are finally settling back into a sane pace again, however, so here! Have a post!

After a couple of weeks of finagling, I finally have my husband and I’s new studio space set up in full. Photos are as follows:
  1. My main work corner - Desk, printer/scanner, light table, TARDIS and all.
  2. My Desk.
  3. My Hubby’s desk.
  4. The Wall-O-Nerd.
  5. A close up of the Wall-O-Nerd. Play “Spot The Fandom!"
  6. Yes, our desks are within smooching distance. VERY NECESSARY.
  7. Art Supplies, as guarded by The Judge.
  8. And a close-up of the light table and its surrounding nerdfoolery.