Monday, August 17, 2015

ADNC: Coal's House

First in a series of images I've done for Clever Crow Games' delightful indie game A Dragon Named Coal. Coal is an inventor, artist, and book worm. His origin story draws a lot of inspiration from classic Disney films. The Pre-Alpha Demo is out now! Check it out at

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Dragon Named Coal

An awesome husband and wife duo - pals of my husband and I - have been developing their own game, A Dragon Named Coal for their mutually-owned company, Clever Crow Games. I'm super stoked at everything these two have accomplished so far, so of course I couldn't resist creating a little art love for Coal himself. Do check their efforts out if you get the chance!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

An SoA Christmas

Best possible package to arrive in the mail. The SoA cast took the time to sign a bunch of my SoA work - I could not be happier or more inspired. Huge thanks to DL for making this happen (& the awesome swag too! This gal definitely loves Happy.)

Speaking of Happy - Happy New Year, all! Here's to a productive & adventurous 2015!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

TechMagi: The Tau And The Trickster

Another color exercise with line work from the upcoming issue 2 of Technically Magi -
There's something to be said for being a HUGE fan of the project you're working on. This one was especially fun!


Friday, December 19, 2014

TechMagi: The SilverFang

The next issue of Technically Magi is well into production, and while the awesome Eddy-Swan will be doing colors for the book, I thought I'd have a stab at a few frames from the up-coming Issue 2 myself, for fun. First up is Kickstarter-backed character Rob the Silverfang, created by Rob Cantrell. Like what you see? Be sure to check out/like Technically Magi for the latest! More art to come.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Art on

Hey all! The multi-talented and hella awesome fella David Labrava ("Happy" from Sons of Anarchy) has launched his official website, and it includes some of my artwork. Do check it out if you get the chance! There's going to be a ton of awesome merchandise you can purchase there, from tshirts to glass and artwork made by DL himself - even the Dynas Happy had on SoA are for sale! (I'm personally looking to snag a "This Girl loves Happy" shirt. hahah.)

Check it out at!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Final Ride" Process

Tribute piece for the cast of Sons of Anarchy. Amazing show - amazing cast and creative team. Going to miss the madness when it's over. Commissioned by David Labrava. 
My artwork can also be found on Facebook, Tumblr, and DeviantART.
Check out the illustration's progress below.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Homerunners: Piper Lynn and Moira

So, my good buddy Kate NY and I have dove headlong into writing a series called Homerunners. Draft one of the first book is officially in the bag, which is especially exciting. Unsurprisingly, a side-effect of two artists writing a story we both love is ART HAPPENS.  Above is my gal Piper, one of our leading ladies, an apprenticing Homerunner. Below is a sassy Veteran Homerunner, Moira, one of Kate's lovely creations. The below portrait was my half of a recent art trade. You can check out Kate's half - a GORGEOUS rendition of my boy Fawkes - here.