Sunday, April 17, 2011

Odds and Ends

 She lives! Life's been super hectic lately, hence my scarcity. Thanks for sticking with this blog though - I quite appreciate it. As of late I've been pulling what's amounted to about a 70 hour work week, occasionally more, hopping between various gigs. It's been fun, I've learned a tremendous amount, particularly where 3d Stereoscopic film conversion and Nuke compositing is concerned... but damn, if it hasn't kept my time at bay.


Above is the first page in a new sketchbook I've been dicking around with for going on three weeks now in my "Spare Time." And by that I mean a literal line here... a line there... a scritch and scribble on occasion, if I'm lucky. An agonizingly slow process when "free time" amounts to "two minutes until you're up for dailies" - but still an entertaining and much needed little project, especially given my recent musings over the idea of turning Nexus into a graphic novel one of these days (Though, hell if I know where I'd get the time. lol!)

Anyhow! Here's Nexus in its current incarnation, including some new-comers. Clockwise from top left: Blitzkrieg, Geist, Kayo, Noir, Creeper, Oracle, Shay, Dante, Inferno, Annex, and Velocity. All are pretty spot-on in their designs as I see them at current, save for V - She'll be up to bat for a re-design soon, as this look just isn't suiting her character well at all. Over all though, this page has been a fun little diversion, the minute or two per scribbles I got in on it. Plus it was really fun to draw this gang again - it's been a while!

Unfortunately, for the moment, I haven't much more I can show you in way of drawings - 

... Though that's certainly not to say I haven't been drawing in abundance over recent weeks. The above dandy stack is the collection of drawings I've done for one of my freelance gigs as of late (Not including rough sketches - all those have been binned. Had I kept those too, this stack would easily be thicker by a third) Alas, it'll likely be a long while before I can share any of these with you all. One day!

I am amidst Riot's character sheet for ARMSmasters, and Davina's bust commission is underway. I'll also likely be moving on to another "sanity-keeper" sketch page soon, so more art will be on its way... albeit slowly. ;)

Thanks for viewing!