Monday, June 28, 2010

OZzy - Art & Demo Video


Ozzy Color Demo from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

My character Ozzy from Matihao Whenua - the fictional pack of werewolve's heavyweight, capable of transforming into a hulking anthropomorphic Kodiak bear. In human form, he's a towering tank of a fellow - a wise-cracking trucker, at that.

This illustration was colored in Photoshop CS3 in about 4.5 hours using the Polygonal lasso and gradient tools, and textures from Mayang's texture library. Music in the demonstrational video has been graciously provided by Kevin McLeod under Creative Commons Licensing. For more work from Kevin, visit

Video shot in CamStudio - my first attempt at using the program and compiling something post-able for 'net viewing, so my apologies if the quality is a little rocky this first go-around!



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caravan Updates as of 06-16-10

My new at-home animation desk set-up :)

After a nice little adjustment and rest/recovery period post-graduation, I'm back to work on Caravan which, of course, means a slew of new Caravan Archive blog entries are to be had! The following is a quick-link list of the latest updates, including a look at my at-home film production set-up (as seen above) and my recent podcast interview with the Stratton Foundation about the film.


Monday, June 14, 2010

TKP: Deloco finalized, Raine Doodle & Color Preview

Judah's Sire: Deloco's Therian form.

I've finally been able to get back to musing over one of my longest running and most beloved personal projects over the past few weeks, and will continue to do so verbatim for the foreseeable future... simply because I can, really. It's wonderful to have regained that level of creative freedom back. A little gift, care of graduation.

One of the series' villains is a particularly seedy, deceitful, weasily little bastard by the name of Deloco, oftentimes simply referred to as "Del".

As I'm slowly going through and creating up-to-date reference images of many of the characters from this whole expansive story, I decided (finally!) to do a more definitive image of Deloco in his anthro form. (Seen above.) For referral's sake, below is also a quick BIC doodle of the same seedy sap in his Human form, though the drawing, at this point, is rather old, created in 2007.

Deloco's human form... unsavory as ever!

I've also started to better flesh out the rather mysterious, river-dwelling tribe from the series, including the group's two leaders, Rio and Raine who, up to this point, have been woefully neglected art-wise. Below is a quick (and first!) sketchbook doodle of miss Raine. I'm particularly tickled with the decision that her Therian form is highly reminiscent of a Fennec fox. Cute!

Soft-spoken, sweet natured Raine of the Hayataiga. Leave the boisterousness to her mate, Rio!

And, last but not least, a little preview of the "TKP: Leading Ladies" colors that are still underway. I'm taking my time on this one and thoroughly enjoying it, mostly because it's wonderful to not have a set deadline, for once. Hooray, art for leisure!
Raven in Technicolour


CCS: The Last Hoorah! Graduation & SEO

So, as most may know, I graduated from the College for Creative Studies a month ago. It was an invigorating, long labored-for and much needed closing to one chapter of my life an the opening to yet another, after four of the most difficult, most inspiring years of my life. I've since taken a couple of weeks tremendously over-needed break to recover from damn-near-debilitating levels of burn-out (As CCS is is want to cause, bless it) set up a makeshift animation studio space at home, rolled back into personal-project illustration, picked back up (slowly but steadily) on clean-up for Caravan, begun a number of contract negotiations for professional freelance work through my good friend Mike Winn and his firing-up, incredibly exciting studio project Alpha-Omega Animation, and have been, for the first time in FAR too long, able to spend much-needed time with my family, my wonderful boyfriend, and his family as well. CCS has come and gone, and I miss it and the slew of fantastic people it has brought into my life... but as with anything, life moves onward and upward, and I'm loving every minute as it rambles on.

Graduation and the Senior Show were both unforgettably stellar experiences, and I took more photos of the events then could be deemed even remotely necessary - I thought I would share a few of my favorites here for you all to see!

Another shot of my Senior Show exhibition set-up, as seen in a previous entry.

Chair of Entertainment Arts at CCS, Scott Bogoniewski, wonderfully talented classmate and filmmaker Derek Schultz who won the 3rd place 2010 Stratton Foundation scholarship, the tremendously generous and supportive Mr. Doug Stratton himself, Patrick Stannard who won the 2nd place scholarship, myself, the ever-inspiring Steve Stanchfield, and Mrs. Stratton, at the 2010 CCS SEO.

A photo Mr. Stratton was kind enough to email me, once again of Scott B, myself, himself, and the lovely Mrs. Stratton at the 2010 CCS SEO.

Doug Stratton, ever as generous, also purchased my favorite piece from my exhibition for his own collection. Above was another great photo he sent my way, standing with the purchased artwork, which is now hanging in his office. Thank you again, Doug!

Admittedly, graduation day from CCS was 24 of the proudest hours I've ever experienced in my life. "I did it!" was my theme of the day, and there wasn't a second that I wasn't boogieing about on Cloud 9. Such a wonderful experience!

Surprising to me, I ended up being the only person in my department to graduate with High Honors this school year.
Above is the rather nifty gold metal I was awarded for the achievement.

Just post-ceremony: My much-adored other half, Niles, myself, and my professor, Steve.

Led Zeppelin - Ramble On .mp3

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