Friday, March 27, 2009

Caravan: Secondary Cast & Mia Key Test

Hello everyone! Here's some of the latest progress work on Caravan. Up top is the character line-up for secondary and background characters in the story, and below is a quick first jab at roughing out movement for Mia Talbert in keys. Our current assignment in Tech 3 has us having a character react to our classmate's plastic pig "MacGyver" which is required to come into the shot from the top left corner, and leave through the top right. This is my initial pose reel for the assignment - clearly lacking mister piggie himself just yet. Needless to say though, Mia doesn't notice him until he hits the ground behind her, is startled by him at first, but quickly becomes irritated for invading her personal space after she gets up to investigate him. He's promptly punted from the shot. This key test will eventually be animated in full: I'll post the finished result once it's completed.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Caravan Main Character Lineup & Sketches

More initial concept work for my senior thesis film project, Caravan. Thanks for viewing! There will definitely be more to come.