Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Menagerie of Mugshot Sketches

A quick, sketchy update for you. Above are the rough sketch versions for all 7 headshots for Renee, cobbled together in a rough approximation of what their final layout will be once cleaned up and colored. Having a great deal of fun with these guys, as I always do with Ren's wonderful characters. The characters are (Top L-R) Vothan, Zahnen, Paz (Middle) Charity, (Bottom) Marquard, Brunner and Cameron.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Proof of Life

Flats! I've had approximately nilch for time to work on anything outside of what's been an awesome, challenging, all around brilliant job recently - so this image hasn't received so much as a glance in a few months, since flat colors were completed. I'm still positively itching to get some paint work in edgewise on it (and personal projects as a whole) so.... hopefully soon. For now, here's the flats.

Also part of my Need-To-Somehow-Manifest-More-Hours-In-A-Day list are a series of great images I have lined up to create for my good buddy (And ridiculously talented artist/writer) Renee. Thought I'd post a couple of rough sketches for that lot as well.

Glad to get a few updates in edgewise!
As always, thanks for viewing.


So in efforts to eek my work into yet another websphere, I just opened up a shiny new Tumblr blog dedicated to daily postings of completed pieces of mine from over the past couple of years - likely 2008 or so to present. It's called Javadoodle! And you can find it right here.

This will be particularly handy as I can queue several posts ahead to pop up each day, so regardless of being to-the-hilt busy recently, there will be continual updates. While that blog will be polished, complete-image based, my blog here will continue to be host to the latest images I create and the process work behind them all. So never fear - this blog will always be my firstborn (I'm such a terrible blog-mom, choosing favorites.)

Thanks for the looksee, all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Foxy Jake is Foxy

Any sleep for the night be damned - here's a twofor! Jake's commission, completed, and with that, my commission list (Apart from two projects for some awesome mates of mine - Images for Ren and a tattoo for Pat) is now squared away. Commissions will be closed until further notice, as my current studio gig has me fully committed otherwise (And having a blast, I must add.) As always, a tremendous THANK YOU to my commissioners both for their support and patience when pro work swoops in and scoops me away out of nowhere. You guys are amazing ♥

And now... to "Work-work."
Today is going to be very interesting, indeed.

Coffee. Now. Get.

Cat Sass for Poeso

Finally managed to wrangle a little squeaker's worth of time to wrap up Darne's commission. On to Completing Jake's! Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for viewing!