Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cardassians and Doodles and Pizza oh my


In the sparse instances where time permits, I've been pushing to try and improve my digital coloring  (Slowly but surely, it's coming along nicely.) I also re-watched Star Trek:Deep Space Nine recently, and in combining these two efforts, fan-art was bound to happen. Above are a series of portraits of DS9 Cardassian characters - one of my favorite species from Trek in general. Clockwise from the top left: Dukat, Damar, Garak, and Ziyal. These proved a great practice exercise - I've included the rough and tie-down sketches and final line work here as well. 

Above is a recent page from my sketchbook - all my own character design musings, apart from the pair in the top left corner. Just one of those silly things I had to get out of my system. For reasons.

And then you have... Pizza. So fairly recently, the DS9 fandom on Tumblr exploded with a delightful bought of silliness called "Deep Dish Nine." DD9 in an alternate-universe scenario wherein the DS9 characters (All human) run competing pizza delivery joints, Deep Dish Nine vs. Dominion Pizza. The plotbunnies and speculation that sprouted from the idea were so genuinely goofy and funny and often downright delightful (Right up my ally, given I'm incapable of taking any fandom too seriously) I couldn't resist divvying up a couple of sketch contributions when one of my afternoons produced a couple of hours down-time. Pictured in each doodle are: (Top) Pizza!AU Ziyal, Dukat, Kira, and both Dax's (Middle) Garak and Weyoun and (Bottom) Damar and Dukat.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Piquid Walk-Through

 One of my original characters, Piquid, from sketch to final cell-style color.

Reich for Ren52 Progress

On to my next commission for Renee. Here's some progress on artwork of her character, Reich.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Charity and the Boys Final Poster

After many moons pecking away at all of these amidst studio work, The full color poster for ~ren52 is complete. Thanks for everything, Ren! Characters are the sole property of Renee Atkinson.