Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy LineArt, Batman!

Hi all! Here's  lineart I completed for two of three images today (The third of which is a commissioned gift, which I won't be able to share until it reaches its recipient.) Above is a new promo-poster-in-progress for the ArMSmasters Project, which is yet another collaboration between myself and the project's creator, Mike Winn - He sketched the image, I'm cleaning up and coloring it. In the foreground is the show's leading man, Riot, while, clockwise from top left is Aeslyn, Tyr, Kongou, Inari, Rune, and Colette. It's great to see the whole gang together in a poster, since the recent finalization of their designs!

And here is the line art for Gabrielle's commission, of she and her fiance's characters Rara and Ossy. Both these pieces and my gift-commission will be moving on into color stages this evening. Should be fun!

Thanks for viewing,

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Littlest Angel Storyboards

As promised, here's a selection of my storyboarding work from The Littlest Angel, a 3D animated holiday feature recently released on DVD. I had an absolutely wonderful time working on this show - storyboarding is wonderfully fun to me, and the opportunity to do so on a Michigan-based production was quite the thrill.

These boards, as well as five additional sets from the film are now up and viewable on my website. Check it out at under the newly updated Storyboads section. Also of interest - now that The ARMSmasters Project's production is in full tilt, I'll be boarding for its newly minted script - something I'm very much looking forward to, as that project - a comic book/manga style adventure, will help show how diverse my storyboarding style can be. Looking forward to it!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jump Magic Jump

A wonderfully fun Labyrinth-themed commission, based on this promotional image of David Bowie/Jareth  by request. I had a blast with this.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Code Monkey Backgrounds

With the launch of his brand new website, my fiance Niles has also posted his 2009 thesis film, an animated music video for Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey" online for folks to watch and enjoy. This film was the first of many (and many more to come) creative collaborative efforts between Niles and I. In this case, I had the opportunity to assist with coloring all of the backgrounds that Niles drew for the short. Below are a couple of my favorites from the set.

Do check out the film, enjoy - and for more of Niles' awesome work, check out his new site at!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Littlest Angel on DVD

Great news, everyone! The film I had the wonderful opportunity to be a lead storyboard artist on, The Littlest Angel, is now on DVD! This movie was wonderful to work on. It's an adorable holiday film for the little ones - a cute, kiddo-friendly Christmas movie with a great message. Do check it out!

I'll be posting some of the storyboards I contributed to the film soon. For now, below is the official trailer, as well as a couple of stills from shots that I boarded. You can also check out a number of clips from the movie over at ToonZone - I boarded the first half of "Halo" and the entirety of "Escape." It's a thrill to see them both completed!

Storyboards soon!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vito's Pizza Ads Online

Well, this was a cool discovery. Back in 2009, I helped polish up the backgrounds for two TV commercial spots for Vito's Pizza, which were created by Thunderbean Animation. Receiving rough watercolor paintings, I pulled the backgrounds into Photoshop and digitally enhanced them - gave them deeper warmth, greater depth contrast and definition, while still maintaining the charm and integrity of the original painted pieces. A lovely fellow CCS alumni, Alex Chapman, who worked on the spots as well (Check out her work, she's awesome!) has posted the spots online, giving me the ability to share them with you now.


Monday, November 7, 2011

A Cacophony of Colorful Blokes

 Hi all! Just wanted to add a quick new post to share some art updates. Above are four more finalized ArMSmasters Project designs, in a series of additional collaborations between Mike Winn (Line art) and myself (Colors.) While below is a completed model sheet commission for Collin, wherein I helped him begin to establish his new character's design, as well as a digital quick-doodle of an additional in-development ARMSmasters character, Deacon.

 More soon. Thanks for viewing, as always :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Devil's Night Color Process

I've had some folks asking me about how I color digitally as of late, so, I thought I'd put together something explaining the process of one of my most recent images, a commission for ~shaylinn "Devil's Night Discovery."

The original image can be found here.

If there's anything else folks would like to see the process of with my work, let me know in comments. I'll do my best to put something together as I get the chance to do so.