Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ARMSmasters and Flight on Kickstarter!

Hi everyone! My apologies for my quietness and relative inactivity over the past few months. I've had the pleasure to be hard at work on a rather large scale project, and it has had my nose to the light table for as long. I'll be able to tell you more about this soon - I'm quite excited!

Also, great news! The animated action-adventure ARMSmasters project has returned for round two on Kickstarter! We have 30 days left in our fundraiser, and we have already reached 40% of our funding goal (Thank you SO SO MUCH to everyone who has already contributed and gotten us this far, we are elated and incredibly grateful!) So the momentum is strong. We have a bunch of exciting new updates to our production blog as well (Link below) which include new concept art and multiple proof-of-concept storyboard animatics.

If you would be so kind to check out the new Kickstarter, spread the word and lend if you are able, we would really appreciate it. And again, a HUGE thank yo to everyone for so much support. You guys inspire us daily!  

Also of note, my talented friend and fellow CCS alumni Mel McCann now has a kickstarter up for her traditionally animated short film, Flight. Mel is a wonderful gal, and this film has a ton of heart and skill packed into it - I would love to see it reach its funding goals! Check out Flight on Kickstarter here!