Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unavisi Exchange: Agave for Ems

A multitude of life-events have kept me away from my art so far this summer, sadly. I've been suffering from a horrible art block for well over a month now... or at least, I was up until this exchange. Leave it up to an Unavisi Community art exchange to wrangle my inspiration into something productive ;) Anyhow! I got Emma (Tephers) which excites me to no end - she's such a sweetie! She wanted her character Agave drawn. (I also made a couple of icons out of the resulting image, as a little extra "Welcome!" gift to her, as one of our newest members.)

I pictured Agave resting late one night in one of the hot springs alcoves previously owned by her life mate, at peace, but undoubtedly still grieving over his loss internally, and longing for his presence. Image is inspired by "Where the Ghosts Are" by Klaus Badelt

Much thanks to Kate, Sufi, and Niles for checking out my bombardments of WIP's, and giving so many wonderful tips and suggestions!