Sunday, May 22, 2011

MDTG Film Poster Flats

Hey all! Thanks for sticking with me despite my prolonged business as of late. I'm currently pulling 60 hours a week on this feature at the post house - it's been a phenomenally fun time, but as you could imagine it has also, more often then not, kept me away from my sketchbooks and Photoshop with impressive consistency.

Of the few things I'm able to squeeze onto my non-3D-stereoscopic-film-conversion To-Do List, I've taken up colors on the promotional poster for my good friend and roommate Patrick's in-progress short film ,"My Dad The Giant." I managed to squeeze enough time out of my one day off this week to get a start on it, laying down some simple flat colors, which helped us further explore the tones, at least, I may be using for the final piece. The ultimate goal is to use more Renaissance-inspired tones, textures and lighting for the image, which should prove a fun challenge.

More art will be coming as soon as I can. Cheers!