Friday, July 30, 2010

Web Site In-Progress

The Future Home of Mel Miller Art Dot Com

After many years without, a profound need for, and the gracious offering of time and web-coding talent from my good buddy Kate NY, I'm on my way to having an official webspace on the 'net. I'm incredibly excited to be able to get this web presence underway to, with any luck, help aid my ability to find work, both now and in the future. Above is the mock-up created for the home page by myself - layout conceptualized by Kate herself, as derived by the concept image I did of Trias during my time at CCS. Thank you, again, Kate!


Monday, July 26, 2010

ARMSmasters Second Edit Complete!

ARMSmasters Second Edit - Complete from Michael Winn on Vimeo.

And we're soaring right along! Here's the second compilation of the ARMmaster's trailer currently in production. My roles in the above this far have been copious amounts of clean-up animation as well as a wee bit of color. I also got my first glimpse of the Pitch Bible today for the first time, and let me tell you, that thing looks stellar. I literally got chills seeing it, it's so exciting and ridiculously cool. What a pleasure it's been to be a part of this project - I'm looking forward to anywhere and everywhere it may take us.

Here's a word from our fearless leader, mister Mike Winn, on the above video and the current state of the Project as a whole:

And here we have the ARMSmasters second edit!

This edit features heavy duty After Effects post-production work by Niles Bontrager - and it is awesome.

I would say more here but I'm actually utterly exhausted and declaring that to the world. Those with access to the production blog will get a full play by play of events because I'm just detailed like that :)

More seriously, I'm incredibly proud of the work that our production partners and fellow artists have produced for the development of this property. From the second clean up passes to the treatment in After Effects and even the brainstorming and creative sessions of developing the world into something that has a true life of its own, I am truly, sincerely blessed by this effort and the contributions of everyone's talents and support.

The Pitch Bible is done as well and we're moving ahead. The /Third/ edit of this trailer will involve the addition of the light and shadows and finished clean up and at the same time we'll be moving ahead towards finishing the longer trailer and getting the missing animation in and having a more complete 'Demo'. Still a lot of work to do but I'm thrilled to have hit this milestone - on time!


Colette, Sekaida and the Bounty Hunter

Here's some design work stemming from ARMSmasters over the past 2 days. The top image is my design for a member of the main character line-up, Colette. The second is an OC I've been pitching the idea of for a potential secondary character for the series - a female Sky Pirate captain by the name of Sekaida. Last but not least is my clean-up lineart and color flats of my buddy Patrick Stannard's lovely rough drawing of a character design of his for a bounty hunter for the series.




Friday, July 23, 2010

Mia in Motion and Commissions

Mia in Motion

I'm currently working on cobbling together animation and storyboard portfolios to go along with my illustration portfolio. Thought I'd share what may very well become a part of the prior - Caravan's Mia Talbert, from shot 6 of the film.

Also, I will begin taking commissions soon, for anyone interested. I'll likely open for them this upcoming week, and start them the week following, once everything is in order. More info on that soon!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ARMSmasters Clean-Up 2 and Doodles!

ARMSmasters Clean-Up (Set Two) from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

More second-pass cleanup for Mike Winn and Alpha Omega Animation's ARMSmaster's Project. Rough animation for these shots is by Mike Winn himself from his original trailer, second-pass tie-down on the second shot (Of Aeslyn) is by Patrick Stannard. All second-pass clean-up seen above is by myself.

Also, for the fun of it, I thought I'd share a handful of recent quick, rather rough doodles, because really, I've always found it fun to see artists' work at their earliest, basest stages.

Mike Winn's Aeslyn from ARMSmasters.

A couple of quick penciled "personality poses" drawn for Mike just yesterday as he was going through the process of figuring out just how to present the character in a cast line-up for the pitch bible. I've gotten remarkably attached to this character, and surprisingly fast. She rather jumps out of my pencil - a good sign for her, indeed.

Initial Design Thoughts for The Wolf King, and ARMSmaster's Colette

For some very odd reason I just started doodling in straight fine-tipped sharpie two days ago. This is completely unusual for me, but intriguing, and oddly freeing. I'm sure I'll be trying it more often from here. The above were first attempts at such, done very quickly. To the left is a character, yet unnamed, who sprouted from a rattlingly vivid dream the other night - to the right are some quick doodles of the ARMSmaster's youngest member, Colette, who's design I've quite happily been placed with pondering.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Mutant Uterus ATAAACK.

Mutant Uterus ATAAACK!

What was initially a silly, random doodle that got completely out of hand ;) Based on a tweet I made a few days ago:
My life is currently subtitled, "Attack of the Killer Uterus." Which, sadly, sounds way more exciting than it actually is.
Well, some prompts are just too ridiculous to resist. Fueled for the utmost hatred of said unavoidable monthly evil, copious caffiene, and an incurable addiction to Robot Unicorn Attack. Textures from Mayang and a handful of photos from my own personal photo collection.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A quick, random sketchbook doodle that I enjoy for a whole host of silly reasons.
This is Beansprout.

She makes me smile - Had to share ;)


Monday, July 5, 2010

TKP's Leading Ladies - Complete!

Raven, Remedy and Akinah.

I'm currently amidst re-compiling my portfolio - completing this image for it was a must in mind! I had a blast coloring this - it was challenging, yet utterly therapeutic. Colored in Photoshop CS3 utilizing the lasso and gradient tool shown in my recent "OZzy" color demo video. It is also wonderful to see these particular gals together in color. You can view the original line art in this previous post. Cheers.


Friday, July 2, 2010

ARMSmasters Clean-Up (Set one)

ARMSmasters Clean-Up (Set one) from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

I've been privileged recently to have been given the chance to work on bits and pieces of the ARMSmaster's project - a fantastic concept created by my friend and an incredibly talented fellow Mike Winn and a handful of other wonderful CCS alumni working through Mike's Michigan-based Alpha Omega Animation & Design. The above was a second-pass at clean-up for their recently produced trailer for the concept. More to come.