Monday, July 26, 2010

Colette, Sekaida and the Bounty Hunter

Here's some design work stemming from ARMSmasters over the past 2 days. The top image is my design for a member of the main character line-up, Colette. The second is an OC I've been pitching the idea of for a potential secondary character for the series - a female Sky Pirate captain by the name of Sekaida. Last but not least is my clean-up lineart and color flats of my buddy Patrick Stannard's lovely rough drawing of a character design of his for a bounty hunter for the series.





Kevin Slawinski said...

Oh my goodness, you really just keep getting better and better. I absolutely love the second concept sketch you did. There is a really nice shape that her head and her hair creates, and the color scheme you chose works very well. Great job on these three! ;D

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much, Kevin! I've definitely gotten especially attached to Sekaida as well - if she isn't used for ARMSmasters in the long run, I'll definitely have to put her to good use for something myself down the road :D

Kevin Ingrassia said...

This is absolutely epic! It just seems to keep getting better and better the more project you work on. Can't wait to see where all of this takes you! :D