Friday, July 23, 2010

Mia in Motion and Commissions

Mia in Motion

I'm currently working on cobbling together animation and storyboard portfolios to go along with my illustration portfolio. Thought I'd share what may very well become a part of the prior - Caravan's Mia Talbert, from shot 6 of the film.

Also, I will begin taking commissions soon, for anyone interested. I'll likely open for them this upcoming week, and start them the week following, once everything is in order. More info on that soon!



kerry karou said...

Oh I love these animation cel mash-ups so much! It looks great :) If you get this printed, I want one!

Erin Greener said...

nifty nifty! Oh, I love your blog's new makeover.

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much, ladies ^_^