Friday, July 30, 2010

Web Site In-Progress

The Future Home of Mel Miller Art Dot Com

After many years without, a profound need for, and the gracious offering of time and web-coding talent from my good buddy Kate NY, I'm on my way to having an official webspace on the 'net. I'm incredibly excited to be able to get this web presence underway to, with any luck, help aid my ability to find work, both now and in the future. Above is the mock-up created for the home page by myself - layout conceptualized by Kate herself, as derived by the concept image I did of Trias during my time at CCS. Thank you, again, Kate!


1 comment:

Nick Robles said...

Well, if that's not a jaw-droppin' website, I don't know what is! Can't wait for it to go live, Mel! Grats!