Monday, June 28, 2010

OZzy - Art & Demo Video


Ozzy Color Demo from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

My character Ozzy from Matihao Whenua - the fictional pack of werewolve's heavyweight, capable of transforming into a hulking anthropomorphic Kodiak bear. In human form, he's a towering tank of a fellow - a wise-cracking trucker, at that.

This illustration was colored in Photoshop CS3 in about 4.5 hours using the Polygonal lasso and gradient tools, and textures from Mayang's texture library. Music in the demonstrational video has been graciously provided by Kevin McLeod under Creative Commons Licensing. For more work from Kevin, visit

Video shot in CamStudio - my first attempt at using the program and compiling something post-able for 'net viewing, so my apologies if the quality is a little rocky this first go-around!



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