Monday, June 14, 2010

TKP: Deloco finalized, Raine Doodle & Color Preview

Judah's Sire: Deloco's Therian form.

I've finally been able to get back to musing over one of my longest running and most beloved personal projects over the past few weeks, and will continue to do so verbatim for the foreseeable future... simply because I can, really. It's wonderful to have regained that level of creative freedom back. A little gift, care of graduation.

One of the series' villains is a particularly seedy, deceitful, weasily little bastard by the name of Deloco, oftentimes simply referred to as "Del".

As I'm slowly going through and creating up-to-date reference images of many of the characters from this whole expansive story, I decided (finally!) to do a more definitive image of Deloco in his anthro form. (Seen above.) For referral's sake, below is also a quick BIC doodle of the same seedy sap in his Human form, though the drawing, at this point, is rather old, created in 2007.

Deloco's human form... unsavory as ever!

I've also started to better flesh out the rather mysterious, river-dwelling tribe from the series, including the group's two leaders, Rio and Raine who, up to this point, have been woefully neglected art-wise. Below is a quick (and first!) sketchbook doodle of miss Raine. I'm particularly tickled with the decision that her Therian form is highly reminiscent of a Fennec fox. Cute!

Soft-spoken, sweet natured Raine of the Hayataiga. Leave the boisterousness to her mate, Rio!

And, last but not least, a little preview of the "TKP: Leading Ladies" colors that are still underway. I'm taking my time on this one and thoroughly enjoying it, mostly because it's wonderful to not have a set deadline, for once. Hooray, art for leisure!
Raven in Technicolour


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