Thursday, March 20, 2008

2007 Rewind

A hand full of my artwork from 2007 worth a second glance. In order of appearance: "Bring Me That Horizon" (Character: Mallaurie DuPre), "Inferno" (Character: Trevor O'Brien), "Power Play" (Characters: Moxie, Grimm, Cravencro), "Kayo 2007" (Character: Cheyenne Valkyrie), "A Wanderer's Welcome" (Characters: Wren, Thorn, and Apple. Thorn and Apple are property of Peta Fenton), "Noir: Personal Hell" (Character: Collin Shardwick), "Dragon: Necrosis" (Character: Necrosis), "Nexus 2007" (Characters: Top row: Shay, Dante, Creeper and Noir. Middle row: Annex, Inferno, and Kayo. Bottom: Oracle)

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