Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I suffer from goofy. It's fabulous.

Just a ridiculous little doodle to kick things off here.


Mike Winn said...

Omg. My influence is powerful!

Welcome! You're going to get millions and millions of visitors! Gotta figure out how to get a page count going on these things! Anyway -linked-

Spread the word!

See Hang said...

I agree with Mike. You are too cool. Awesome!!!!!

Mel said...

Thanks so much, guys! ♥

Kate said...

As to page-hit/visitor counters, you can do that by googling "visitor counter" or similar and finding a free service. You have to register for most of 'em, so pick a good legit one. Then you get the code for your counter once you've found one you like and/or customized it to suit your aesthetic. You come back here to blogger, go to the 'customize' blah blah, and "add page element". Choose "html/javascript" for a third party nonsense. Paste your counter's code into the block, and you're good to go, I'd think.