Friday, December 12, 2008

Figure Drawings Gallore

So ends this semester, and my Figure Illustration 1 class with the tremendously awesome mister Chuck Gillies. Below is a handful of scans from my newsprint pad from in-class life drawings, ranging from portraits to figures to random odd doodles.
This image is so completely typical of my life drawing books. I just cannot seem to take the thing TOO seriously, henceforth the presence of little cartoon doodles. Above is Harry sporting what usually would be a star-stamped hat, and, for whatever odd reason, my boyfriend and I as cats. I believe at one point in the sketchbook, a particularly frail model of ours was wearing a pie for a hat.
I am so glad I caught this image. Rich has an absolutely fantastic smile, but one, sadly, that is rarely seen due to the seriousness and intensity of such drawing classes, and the length of many of the poses. One of the many perks of having a class with Chuck, however, is his great humor, and frequent entertaining stories. Rich was smirking amidst one of them at one point in the same moments that I was caricaturing his face. The above image was the result, and it is one of my favorites from the semester because of it.
More drawings still! Rick in a Greek warriors' outfit, a montage of Ron, as well as a trio of portraits, including classmate Lindsey, my buddy Calvin, and our model Harry (and my inherent incapability to adhere to seriousness therein) once again.



Kate Burck said...

Yeaaaaah Ron montage. A friend and I were counting all the Ron's we saw in Illustration at last years student show, then we got to the anatomy room, and decided this was not the best idea.
In other news, these are really beautiful drawings. I'm sure Chuck will be missing you.

bow chicka wow wow said...

the drawings are awsome.