Friday, December 12, 2008

Artemis Moon

Another assignment from my Figure Illustration 1 course this semester - finally scanned in! (It's too beg for an average scanner, at about 14x17 inches) This particular assignment had three main requirements. 1) it had to depict a Greek myth of our choice. 2) it had to be done traditionally, preferably in part with acrylics, and 3) while photo realism was not required, we did absolutely have to use photographic reference.

I also apparently have something for moons in the backgrounds of images for this class. This was the first of two. No idea why.

At any rate, the lovely *Tasastock of Deviantart was gracious enough to allow me to use one of her images ([link]) as reference for Artemis here - my Greek Goddess of choice - Goddess of the Hunt. Do check out her wonderful stock gallery if you get the chance!

Acrylics, Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Illustration board.



Andrew~ said...

whoa, I believe your art is pretty amazing, Keep up the good work ;).

dustingoolsby said...

WOW! nice to see you on here... i dont know if you remember me but i went to Harrison and i saw that morgan butcher had you on her list o blogs... i always thought your characters were amazing and im glad to see that you have obviously evolved to even more amazing work... im a caricature artist now and have actually thought about you lately because i struggle some with exaggeration and you always seemed to exude that in you work... hope you see this... dustin

Jakface said...

This is seriously my fav piece of yours as of late. The posing and coloring, she TOTALLY pops out from the page. GORGEOUS work!

Mel Miller said...

Molly - Hugs! Thanks hun! It's definitely my favorite too. I can't believe I did that! lol!

Andrew - Thanks so much! I'll definitely do my best ;)

Dustin - Wow, hi there! I definitely recognize you from HAC. So good to see you here, thank you for visiting and dropping me a line! I hope you are doing well! ^_^