Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grimm and Cravencro

In spite of all of the rush and scuffle of the Christmas and New Years holidays, I was determined to at least get one decent piece done for my own amusement before classes started back up - thankfully, I did indeed manage! This is actually an older piece of linework of Grimm and Cravencro I'd drawn in 2007 that I have since been wanting to color at length but have not had the time. I'm rather glad I waited, however - I definitely would not have gotten results I'd have been so pleased with had I colored it when it was drawn a couple of years back.

The far background is a photo I snapped myself. Texture credits go to Also used were a couple of grass brushes provided by DeviantArt's ~anaRasha-stock and ~LightArtist.



Erin Greener said...

Ish pretty.

L. Mynatt said...

Good lord that's gorgeous. And they are gonna love it over on furaffinity. The feathering detail on the fur is just mind blowing.

Mel Miller said...

Thank you, Lee and Erin! :)