Monday, February 23, 2009

Caravan: First Completed Concept Piece

Long time no see! Over a month, in fact. I must apologize for the slow-going updating here the past couple of weeks. Between two jobs and 15 credit hours of classes each week, this semester has quiet feverishly eaten me alive. The closer I near to spring break, though, the more updates will be coming. I've got animation and concept work alike to share with you all, and although in all actuality my spring break will hardly be a "break" (I've got a large project for my current traditional animation class, backgrounds to render for my other half's senior thesis film, as well as concept art to do for a thesis of my own) I am very much looking forward to getting the opportunity to sit back and post it all.

That said, have some concept art! As a Junior, I'm currently in the midst of building the groundwork for what will be my senior film production throughout the following school year. So far, the story, characters and underlying motivation for my project have come with surprising grace, and I'm incredibly excited for the project as it stands, so early in its creation.

Thus far titled "Caravan," the film is projected to follow a young girl's efforts, be it physical or psychological, to escape the cycle of abuse that had permeated her family for generations. Above is my first fully rendered piece of concept art for "Caravan," sporting the story's main characters, Mia and Kelsey.

More to come! I hope you all are doing well.


Apis said...

Sheer love! Can't wait to see more. :)

Amanda said...

Bah. Blogger ate my comment :(
What I meant to say was:

I'm soooo excited about this! :D
Looks great so far.

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much, guys! I'm really glad you enjoy it ^_^ There will definitely be more to come :D

Kat said...

Oh, those two look awesome! Random, but I do love their outfits.

Mel Miller said...

Aw, Thanks, Kat! <3 Those outfits were really fun to design, too! I'm particularly looking forward to animating Kelseys little headscarf. My professor agreed - upon seeing that, he immediately pointed to the scarf in a rather excited fashion, "That's going to be fun!" lol. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Mel mel mel...will you EVER cease to amaze me? I think not! I can't WAIT to see this!!!