Thursday, February 26, 2009

"TKP" Concept Art

Update: I received comments from a couple of people telling me that they were unable to full view these images - sure enough, the HTML was quirked beyond repair. You should be able to view them now, however. Thanks! ♥

My latest portfolio pieces, created for the first half of the semester for my "Advanced Environments and Characters" class. Below is concept art for my original personal project, "TKP." All images and characters are copyright 2009 of Mel Miller, and are part of a pitch for an in-depth animated or graphic novel series.

Environment: Trias

Character: Anathema

Character: Damien

Character: Bellicose


L. Mynatt said...

Oh good, I thought it was just my browser being cranky! Love the concepts, really beautiful work. Also, Damian is a sexy, sexy beast. Rawr. ;)

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much, Lee! And I must agree, Damien is quite the nommable fellow ;)

Chris said...

Look at you go! GREAT stuff Mel!

Mel Miller said...

Thank you much, Chris! ^_^

Massacremike said...

Fantastic blog and amazing work! Hope you don't mind if I keep tabs on your work for my own, personal creative inspiration.

Kate said...

...felt like randomly saying "MANLY BELLYBELLY" at Damien. Bwahaha. Nice. I also like how you seem to have incorporated a sense of personality via their posture, even when it's such a standard front/back/whatnot reference sheet affair.