Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ketrina de Lioncourt and a DD.

Ketrina de Lioncourt - Model Sheet

Here's the completed Detailed Character Sheet commission for my dear buddy Kat or her swashbuckling original character, Ketrina de Lioncourt. I had a brilliant time with this, allowed to design the character basically from scratch from the original description of a blond-haired, green eyed lady pirate with a Victorian lion tattoo. Thank you. Kat, for giving me the opportunity to draw such a lovely character!

For anyone interested, I am open for Detailed Character Model Sheet commissions, among many others. For pricing, the process and what types of commissions are available, check out my commission info page.

In other news, I was rather surprised today that after tinkering around on DeviantART for the past 7 years for the sheer fun of it, I was given a "Daily Deviation" for my "TKP Leading Ladies: Colored" piece. I honestly couldn't be happier that the piece that was chosen is of characters that have been near and dear to me for so many years now, as well - making this DD quite the gift indeed. I wanted to say a tremendous thank you to ^mintyy for suggesting the piece, and ^Atramina for being so kind as to feature it. You guys are awesome!


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Patrick Stannard said...

I really loved the line work you did on it. The colors of her outfit balance her hair and eye colors very well. Most of all I'm impressed by the technique you used to get the gold to look shiny yet stylish.