Monday, August 30, 2010

MST3K Meme (Part 1)

I needed something completely random, goofy-fun and utterly un-work-related to piddle with amidst my work madness for the sheer sake of giggles and much-needed stress relief. So, I found a random silly Mystery Science Theater 3000-related art meme on DA and decided to dig in. It's already unwound me tremendously - way fun! There'll (hopefully) be 15 quick n' fun little illustrated bits for it in the end - here's the first two!

 "Free drawing space below!"
*...Why yes, I totally did include the Giant Mutant Uterus as the Feature Presentation.

"Hello, I don't think we've met... Just who are you?"
*... Space background was a pre-existing digital fiddle, admittedly. But hey, I wasn't using it for anything else, so what the heck.

Blatant nerd-humor at your service,

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