Saturday, September 3, 2011

Selene and Shamael (Line Art)

I'm currently working on a commissioned illustration for Helene of her lovely pair of original characters, Selene and Shamael. Here, Shamael gives Selene a bit of sweet encouragement amidst their sunset sword training session, on the very edge of their deep-forest camp site.

It's always a particular treat for me when I get to draw such well-developed characters, and these two are every bit of that - everything from their personalities and interactions to their clothing styles to the world they live in has been wonderfully crafted by their creator. It's been a great deal of fun to draw all of these elements combined. I'm very much looking forward to coloring this one as well!

Below is a bit of progress for you - both the rough sketch thumbnails for the piece and the tied down sketch created prior to the clean-line drawing you see above.


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