Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Iisjah Sees the Shinies

So, this was a fun one. I love portrait commissions for the fact that all you have, really to tell a story about the character - as much as you possibly can - is a single facial expression. Then, I get handed a character as fun as Iisjah here, in all of his calamity-prone, thieving glory, and I can't help but have some fun. One thing to be known about Iisjah, I was told by his creator, Natalia, is that he is utterly enamored by sparklies. If there are shinies to be had - he's one  very happy (scheming, clepto, endearingly unlucky) fellow. So, be it for me to resist showing him said shinies... and taking a "picture" of it, of course.

I'm actually, albeit slowly, beginning to figure out the whole Livestream thing. Iisjah here was my artistic guinea pig for my first proper recording, and despite a few technological hiccups, I managed to get the majority of his coloration (From initial shadow blocking, to finish) recorded. Below is the largest block of the recording... not too shabby for schlupping along with my other half's cold all day ;)

melmillerart on livestream.com. 
More artwork soon, Mel

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