Monday, September 27, 2010

The Prince of Parkour

Flippin' Fun with Eric Bell

Another commission, this time for my good friend Kat Bongard of her time-controlling Parkour pro character, Eric Bell. Eric's ace Parkour skills were an opportunity to illustrate a pose one would rarely have any reason to draw otherwise, and that in itself was tremendous fun. I also made it a point to utilize a color scheme I've scarcely touched before - starkly combining bold blues with salmon and purple tones definitely hit that mark.

As always, I am currently open for multiple different types of commissions, including these full-color full-body character illustrations with environmental backgrounds. Detailed commission information can be viewed here. Folks interested in commissioning me are welcome to contact me at melmillerartATgmailDOTcom. I look forward to working with you!



Adam Stolterman said...

Awesome! I am a parkour practitioner myself and do some teaching in a parkour organisation. I love this drawing. Beautiful, and he looks as happy as one should be when jumping and playing like that. Also. If you would ever feel the need to draw something like that again, parkour related i mean. I have a few fun photos that might be idea-giving (inspirational might be the right word but it just felt wrong).

Anyway, awesome art as always and keep it up.
Peace, adam.

Mel Miller said...

Adam - thanks so much! Parkour definitely fascinates me, and I have to respect anyone capable of it. If I end up drawing more things with this theme (And I undoubtedly will, this was so much fun) I'll definitely let you know. Thank you :)