Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mel Miller's Resume

Greetings everyone. I thought I'd make my resume available on my blog. A downloadable PDF of this information is available at your convenience on the "About" page of my website. I am currently available for hire for both freelance and studio-based work. Thank you for viewing.

Mel Miller  

Animator • Illustrator


College for Creative Studies          2006 - 2010

BFA, majoring in Entertainment Arts with a focus on traditional hand-drawn animation, character and concept design illustration.


Private SNAFU Golden Classics          2010

DVD cover background  illustration in collaboration with character artwork by animator Eric Goldberg for Thunderbean Animation's Private SNAFU Golden Classics 2010 release.

The ARMSmasters Project          2010-Present

Concept Art and Clean-Up animation for Michigan-based Alpha Omega Animation Design’s ARMSmaster’s traditionally animated project trailer and pitch bible.

Caravan          2009 - Present

Thesis film in production. Animated traditionally, colored in Photoshop, composited in Adobe After Effects.

Raya Sunshine          2009 - 2010

Created a series of character design concepts for "Raya Sunshine," a pitch for a children's television show created by Michigan-based Tickle Entertainment.

Vito's Pizza Commercials          2009

Digitally enhanced and painted a series of 3 backgrounds for two Vito's Pizza television commercials produced by Michigan's Thunderbean Animation.

CodeMonkey          2008 - 2009

Digitally rendered color for 30 illustrated backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop CS3 for this three and a half minute long independently animated music video.

Biore Daily Recharging Moments          2008

A series of web adds for, through Thunderbean Animation Studio. Roles in production include concept art, asset creation, traditional animation, storyboarding, and frame-by-frame watercolor painting.

Mel Miller Art          2003 - Present

Freelance mural painting, concept design and illustration for both companies and individual clients.


Film Festivals          2009

The 2009 Detroit Windsor Film Festival: "CodeMonkey."
The 2009 Psyche-o-Delic Film Festival: "CodeMonkey."
The 2009 Ottawa International Animation Film Festival's Salon de Refuse: "CodeMonkey."

KAFI 2009 Cartoon Challenge          May 2009

A member of the 5-animator team selected to represent the College for Creative Studies at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International's 2009 Cartoon Challenge.

Scholarships & Collegiate Honors          2006 - 2010

Graduated with High Honors from the College for Creative Studies 2010 with a 3.974 Cumulative GPA
The CCS Scholarship of $24,000.
The 1st place 2010 Stratton Foundation Scholarship of $1,500 for Caravan.
The Alumni Scholarship of $1,500 awarded to students with the highest GPA in their major.

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