Monday, September 20, 2010

An ARMSmasters Weekend

First off, once again, welcome new watchers, and thank you for viewing and supporting my wee bit of an art spot here on the 'net. I appreciate it :)

I winded up putting a good deal of much-needed focus time towards the ARMSmasters Project this weekend. Above is clean up animation for Tyr's  hammer swing shot - it'll be passed along to my roommate for shading pass, and I'll be doing cleanup on the shadow passes as well.

TYR Clean-Up Stills

As is seemingly the case for every character for this series I've had the opportunity to draw so far, Tyr is absurdly fun to draw. He's a great character as well - both brains and brawn, engineer and warrior. Damn spiffy.

Sekaida, first full-body poses

Full-body shots of Sekaida's outfit. I've altered it from the previous image - buckles and straps have replaced other details, to better reflect these predominate elements in other now-established sky pirate characters' designs. She's also been pushed a bit more "pirate" - hat, boots and blades. I'd still like her to have the giant blunderbus as her signature item, but these blades - a mix of swords and defensive gauntlets - ended up being an interesting and suiting addition to her repertoire of weapons. I've also leaned more towards having her be full-figured: plenty of "junk in the trunk," as they'd say... mostly because it's fun to draw. I'd like to keep the warm-color palette previously posted, as having them against what will often be cool blues of the sky appeals to me. I may re-draw her full-body stance entirely though - I'm still not all that keen on the pose. It worked better in its rougher stages. For now, though, this at least gets the extent of her outfit across :)

Concept ideation for Rune.

My take on Rune, a member of the cast she's finally getting the TLC he deserves. I couldn't resist, honestly - I got rather attached to the fellow working on clean-up animation for him. I absolutely love trickster/Fae type of characters - and Rune strikes me as such a sassy bloke. This is how he appears in my head currently at least, taking into account versions already pitched. I've used predominantly darker colors then have been seen as of yet, with lighter ones to pop details here and there, have him in a two-tone vest that buttons in a triangular pattern across his torso, giving it something of a harlequin effect, have made the purple slightly redder in tone, given him a rusty orange as a secondary "theme" sort of color (with the dark pants, vest and boots, I think it helps "butch up" the purple coat and hat a bit, while still helping him look like a sassy, confident, flamboyant fellow he is) and have maintained the quirky, more fly-away hair seen in the  trailer, be cause it's ridiculously fun to draw.

Completely unrelated to ARMSmasters, I know, but I also ended up getting "Waking the Big Dogs" as far as flat-colors before having to set it aside for other more important things, and wanted to share it real quick. I'll plug away at rendering it properly soon enough.

 Nexus' Kayo & Dominic

I'll be back on commissions later today, starting with Kate's kitchen-bound pirate trio. Looking forward to it!


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