Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MST3K Meme (Part 2)

Onward with the MST3k Meme! I'll likely continue to post these in pairs as I complete them during my break-time, as that's been working out quite dandy so far... and has been ridiculously fun. A huge plus to this exercise beyond stress relief (and getting to geek out over something I so enjoy) is the fact that I'm getting to play with color - I'm making various attempts to see what I can do with coloring in a manner that is both quite fast and visually appealing. So far, I'm digging the results.

"So, you're an MST3k fan? Prove it by drawing us your favorite episode!"
*...Personally, I think it's next to impossible to pick *one* definitive favorite episode  - there are too many great shows to narrow it down, so, consider "Space Mutiny" more of *a* favorite as opposed to *the* favorite, less we forget the pure levels of awesome seen in episodes like "Pod People," "Manos, The Hands Of Fate," or "The Final Sacrifice." Also - my first shot at drawing Mike. :)

"Ok, I believe you. So, how old were you when you started watching the show?"
*... ok, admittedly, this question doesn't exist in the original survey. It's more of a filler-attempt, given that question #14 is literally, "We're almost done!" (aka, a complete non-question.) Consider this shiny new addition my replacement-14, and an attempt to infuse a bit more substance into these 15 little ditties. That said though, I was indeed a wee pup when I started watching MST3K, drew a whole host of terrible little-kid fan art (Including the above paper bag hand-puppets. I was that nerdy, folks.) One thing I loved about the show is that it can be viewed by all sorts of age groups and still be completely fun for all - the humor is varied and clever enough to pull it off with ease. Kudos.

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