Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aeslyn Model Sheet


Capturing Aeslyn was not an easy task - something Mike and I found out readily in creating her reference sheet. There's bound to be a challenge with a character carrying her level of complexity: She's bold, confident, yet reserved and sophisticated. She's sexy and highly feminine, while absolutely commanding respect from herself and those around her. (Defying many action-fantasy female tropes.) Even her color modeling came down to a tremendous amount of thought - what tones could Aeslyn embody that no other female member of the ARMSmasters line-up pull off? Through all of our effort, and the total blast we had exploring the character, I'm really pleased with the results.

Posing this gal was one of the greater tricks to creating her reference sheet. Screaming "Sophisticated Sexy Confident Intelligent Noble-woman!" all in one go is a mouth-full for any one pose to maintain, to be certain. Above are among the many quick sketches of Mike and I's that lead up to the final full-body pose.


Last but not lease - Color exploration with Aeslyn. In the end, purple, feminine colors seemed to call out to the character the strongest. She, without a doubt, is the only female in the cast thus far who could, or would even want to based on personality alone, pull off such graceful "pretty" tones - they're inherently Aeslyn, and manage, I feel, to accentuate her beauty and roots as nobility all the more.


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