Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Into the Ancient Ruins" (Complete)

Whew! This one took a while - I really pushed myself to learn new things - new ways of rendering water, foliage, skin, stone. Care with how I handled the light, multiple light sources. Marie, my commissioner, was blessedly patient throughout its creation - and thank goodness for it. I feel like the results winded up being my strongest digital piece yet - I'm really pleased. Thanks again, Marie, for commissioning me to illustrate your wonderful characters!

Also! For anyone not yet aware, I now have an "Inspirations Blog" on Tumblr, set specifically for anything and everything that I find visually interesting, inspiring, or moving in some manner. I also tent to post image progression on there, as it provides a great slide-show feature. For progression on the image, check out its entry at The Shimmy Spot.


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PanaGo said...

Amazing!Love it!