Monday, February 7, 2011

Ketrina DeLioncourt in 3D

Hey everyone! It's not often I share other folks' work on my blog, but this happening was far too awesome not to. Many of you may remember the character model sheet I created for miss Kat Bongard of her pirate RPG character, Ketrina DeLioncourt. Well recently, a very talented San Fransisco-based 3D character artist and modeler, Tim Woody, was kind enough to take on modeling Ket in 3D.

While the model itself is still a work in progress, the results already are absolutely beautiful - I love how well he's captured her design and character, and am very grateful for his time in effort in bringing Ketrina to life in 3D. I'll be sure to post the model's progression toward completion, as I receive it. Thank you again, Tim!



Digital Desperado said...

Frekin awesome model.

bridgette kyeva said...

I love this one of Ketrina saw the model sheet on Google some time back... Leon Seal Gachuiri (handle on facebook)