Monday, February 7, 2011


A couple of rough sketches for you all. The above is the approves rough sketch for my current in-progress commission, including the thumbnail I settled on for the image. I'm having a brilliant time drawing Marie and her husband's lovely characters, Tyra and Marthin, again. The concept behind the image:

Tyra and Marthin are just entering an ancient ivy-covered mausoleum, its stairs likely winding down miles below ground into ethereal and uncharted ruins. As they've just entered, Marthin is traveling ahead just a little ways, reading the ruins with excited curiosity, to be certain they are not walking onto a trap or curse of any kind. There are curious stone edifices cropped up out a pool of crystal water, they covered in glowing, mysterious markings The pool itself has a small waterfall, pouring from a stone gargoyle's mouth. The light back by Tyra, she further up the stairs near the entrance, poised to fight at a moment's notice, would be brighter and beautiful, the ancient paneless window behind her allowing light to pour in from the deep forest outside. Down by Marthin the light would be darker and much cooler - he's heading underground, after all - and he would be lit, on one side, by his glowing staff, and on the other side, by the glowing hieroglyphs he's reading upon the wall.

 In addition, here's a couple of quick early-AM ARMSmasters-related doodles created while working on the project's newly launched production blog. They're rough and a bit dodgy, but were amusing to create whilst pushing around HTML and cropping thumbnails all the same. ;)


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