Monday, January 10, 2011

WereChicken WIP and Moxie Progression

UPDATE: Here's flat colors! On to the final render.

 Attack of the WereChicken (Line Art)

Alongside a concept art freelance gig, I'm currently having an absolute blast working on Xyk's commission. He has had all sorts of good-humored ideas to go by, making every step of the process a great time. I'm looking forward to getting this project to color. That said, here's the line art for what will be a mock horror movie poser, "Attack of the WereChicken!"

Also, just for the fun of it, below is a quick doodle and it's steady progression into flat colors of my character Moxie, created in those rare tidbits of time available while I'm awaiting feedback on projects. Here's hoping this one gets finished amidst everything else ;)

More again soon. Cheers, everyone!

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Beff said...

Ha ha, the Werechicken is too awesome! Love the expressions! Can't wait to see the finished piece!