Monday, January 31, 2011

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In efforts to continue the momentum of the ARMSmasters Project, I've recently begun two new undertakings: Creating what will be an expansive public production blog for the project that will be available for all to see, and collaborating with the project's awesome creator, one mister Mike Winn, to create finalized, polished concept art and design model sheets for each of the Project's characters. The first of those collaborations is the above image, created for the header of the new blog, wherein Mike gave me a myriad of wonderful rough sketches of the characters, and I cleaned up, arranged and colored them into the above final image. Below is the process of this image's creation - the same process of which we plan to use for the model sheets to come.

Blogger actually won't allow me to upload the Process image any larger than what's been provided here (click to enlarge) - I'll upload a more viewer-friendly version elsewhere soon, and will direct you all to that link.

UPDATE: The aforementioned "More Viewer-Friendly Version" :)

Thanks for viewing!

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