Monday, January 10, 2011

SNAFU Review and Production Blogs of Note

First post of the new year brings us a great new review of Thunderbean Animation's definitive "Private SNAFU Golden Classics" DVD release, which I was recently given the opportunity to help illustrate the cover for. The Review, written by Pietro A. Shakarian at was kind enough to include a very positive segment about the cover art as well.
"The cover art by Eric Goldberg and Mel Miller is not only impressive but also seems to possess more energy and feeling than most of the cover art from Warner Home Video's recent Looney Tunes DVD compilations."
For the full DVD review, and some interesting history about past attempts to bring SNAFU to DVD, check out its page at the Golden Age Cartoons website. And as always, Private SNAFU Golden Classics comes highly recommended, and is now available at

Received my own copy of the DVD today. Thanks, Steve!

Also! Over the past couple of years, the College for Creative Studies' Entertainment Arts department has sprouted a number of production blogs for its students' individual senior film projects. Two of those blogs, this year, have really stood out, and are well worth the look at their film maker's progress. The gals behind these productions are extremely talented - I wanted to share them with you all here:
While much of the work I've been doing as of late is under NDA, I will have more artwork to post for you all soon, care of commissions and the rare free-moment doodle. A tremendous thanks to everyone for supporting this blog into the new year, and here's for an exciting 2011!


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