Monday, January 31, 2011

Kavi, Aeslyn and Inari (Doodles and Such)

My apologies for the slight lull in posts this month all - I've been keeping plenty busy. Apart from contract work, which has been keeping me busy enough on its own, I've been pecking away at commissions, teaching a weekly character design class for a wonderfully creative group of middle schoolers, and have picked back up with aiding the ARMSmasters Project, cleaning up shadow test animation, collaborating with its creator, Mike, to begin to create polished, finalized concept art and character designs, as well as create a public production blog for the project, which I'll be sharing with you all in the next week.

Above is a page out of my current sketchbook of a little blond haired, golden-eyed lantern-baring fellow of no particular origin, by the name of Kavi (Kuh-Vi). Started sketching him during last week's design class, and finished him at yesterday's ARMSmasters production meeting. Below is the current status of the Aeslyn shot form the ARMSmasters trailer - now with shadow model, animated by Patrick Stannard, cleaned up by myself and composited by my other half, Niles. Below that still is a quick color study I created of a couple of 2-inch-tall thumbnail doodles - outfit and color model ideation for the ARMSmaster's Inari.

Also! Less I forget, this blog now has specialized pages - About, Links, Gallery, Demo Reel, Resume, Comission Info and Commission List pages, to be precise. I'll have their individual content set up fully soon.

More artwork soon, and as always, thanks for sticking with me, everyone.

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