Monday, March 1, 2010

The Art of Quirk (Post 001)

It's been ages since I've last challenged myself to keep a proper sketchbook - not out of my desire to do so, but out of sheer lack of time, what with having a 6+ minute film to create for my thesis. I decided this past week, though, that it was not only more then time to try, but needed, simply for the ability to draw things outside of Caravan, and excise the ridiculousness that routinely runs rampant in my mind.

So, I bought a sketchbook and a mitt-full of markers. I named said sketchbook Quirk. From here on out, Quirk will be filled primarily in marker-and-ink drawings where I will not allow myself to erase, and push myself to draw faster, and commit more readily to line. So far, it's been a fruitful production.
A Cynic's Life For Me

A teensy bit of a self portrait. Anyone who sees me on a daily basis can pretty much count on this outfit or some variation thereof. Ah, the predictability of animators with nary enough free time to consider that fashion... stuff.

'Guin and Carl.
'Guin discovers Carl, the stupid-happy turnip. Boop.

Inkster, PP, and V

Inkster the creepy comb-over Octopus (Originally doodles for my roommate's awesome "Draw an octopus!" challenge) Velocity, a new-ish character I've been considering for Nexus, and the Pillow Puppy.


My other half Niles and I had a dinner-out-n-draw-weird-shit date Saturday, and decided upon the following odd combos to doodle: A rabbit and a chimp, a lemur and an armadillo, and a goldfish and an old man.

The Gully Draconis
Dragon-esque creatures in my TKP series are called the "Draconis" species, and they are comprised of numerous types. Little forest-dwelling Dracs (roughly the size of your living room coffee table, are a breed I'd not yet drawn. Despite some proportional fail brought on by making myself draw as fast as I could swing it, I enjoy how this fellow turned out.

More again soon,

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