Friday, March 5, 2010

Poltergeist and Mook

A quickie from my overly-uneventful pre-Spring-Break proctor shift on campus. This here is, along with the previously posted Velocity, another new character I've been considering for my Nexus series' line-up: 12 year old Geist and her little goopy goulie buddy Mook. I keep giggling that it sort of looks like she birthed poor Mook here which was hardly on my mind when I sketched out the poses. Moreover, she's supposed to be creating\manifesting the thing from her hand, as her spiffy comic book powers allow her. We'll pretend it looks like that instead.

Yet another all marker and micron image from a sketchbook named Quirk. The base marker sketch to this was particularly rough because I had no idea what I was going to draw when I began. I am pleased though that I'm getting faster drawing like this. So far so good - the exercise is proving effective! I hope to get speedier through these exercises to help me pick up a bit of pace with Caravan's cleanup in the coming weeks. Here's hoping!

For the record, her hair isn't nearly the intense teal blue you see here - I envision it far lighter - ghost-like. Such is the nature of my hilariously limited marker collection at the moment, however. I make do ;)

I'm on spring break this upcoming week. A large portion of that will be spent completing all remaining rough animation on Caravan and hopping right back into clean-up and final composite. Updates over on the film's production blog will likely come of that. Ill be keeping with Quirk doodles as well, for the sake of sanity (And hopefully skill\portfolio strengthening too!)

More again soon,


Scarlet said...

Great stuff Mel on Caravan! Keep it up!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much, Scarlet!

Chelsea Kirchoff said...