Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sheol and Kali by Ren52 - Colored

Sheol & Kali - Winter Walk. Sheol and Kali strollin' through the winter woods.

Since I was stuck in Photoshop coloring animation for Caravan all weekend anyways (We completed 6 new final shots - I'll update the Caravan Blog with them sometime tomorrow) I slipped in a little color job on the side.

The above line art is by my good buddy and talented artist Renee Atkinson - she was kind enough to draw my character Sheol and our friend Kat Bongard's character Kali from our Matihao Whenua concept. I could not resist coloring this - Ren's artwork is always a joy to render. So, voila! Thank you again, Renners! ♥


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