Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Caravan Updates as of 01-12-10

Shot 081 - Returning to the open road.

Caravan's entire collection of 64 backgrounds are now complete! I'm now in the mad dash to complete its animation, alongside my other half, Niles', diligent and entirely awesome work in compositing the whole shebang together - he's already completed two and is slated to compile more shots this weekend. Here goes nothing, as they say! That said, here's a quick-link list to the latest progress on Caravan, via entries over at the Caravan Production blog, including the above completed background from Shot 081 - the final in the film.


JJacks said...

All of the backgrounds have looked amazing and they are so full of beautiful color. I'm sure the final project will be stunning. I know I don't comment but I just wanted to say I love looking at your blog.

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much - I'm quite glad you enjoy it! ^_^ ♥