Monday, January 4, 2010

Polly Want a Soliloquy (Completed)

I was dead determined to get at least ONE portfolio image done this break. Success. Between that this far, and a couple of images for a freelance commercial project - time well spent. I'm back on Caravan background this evening as well.

That said, here's "Polly Want a Soliloquy" completed (above) as well as a couple of steps in its color progression (Below.) The story behind the image, as posted previously:

I picked a bit of the characters' story that always gives me a bit of a giggle: Wherein Reagan realizes, after much prolonged skepticism, that Rook is telling every bit of the truth about the pesky, yellow-eyed Corvid that has been following him around for days... He talks. Vividly, no less. Reagan shrieks. The bird, Dymitri, looks incredibly smug at startling the inferior bipedal specimens. Poor Rook just continues to look wholly disturbed.

Color Progression:

Steps Shown:
  1. Simple flat colors.
  2. The addition of textures, including a couple of awesome Public Domain poster designs.
  3. The completed render of the background, sans characters.
  4. The completed render of the image as a whole.
And now, for a slew of Caravan work!


Danny said...

WOW This is fantastic!

Mel Miller said...

Thank you, Danny! :D

CA3 said...

Not bad, not bad at all. I'm really digging the color progression image and the steps below. Your sharing some very useful things about the work you put into this. Happy new year, and wish you the best of luck with more portfolio illustrations.

Mel Miller said...

CA3 - Any way I can help other folks understand how I work and perhaps give them new ideas to try artistically themselves is a wonderful thing! I'm very glad it's useful - I know how much I love and learn from seeing process work from other artists as well. :D Thanks so much, and Happy New Year to you too! ♥

Kevin Ingrassia said...

Amazing work as always. I really like how you share some of your secrets, it's helped me personally a great many a time. Thank you so much for sharing!


Mel Miller said...

Kevin - I'm so glad to hear it has helped! That's so cool ^_^ Thank you!