Friday, February 28, 2014

Garuda Rising VisDev: Ziima & Piquid

More from Garuda Rising. This time around - Ziima and Piquid.

Ziima (Species: Zulii): It sucks to be Ziima on a ship like the Garuda V. Surrounded by other kids her age whose parents are always pushing them to learn how to be independent, capable crew members, Ziima’s parents feel the need to shelter her from the perils and level of responsibility that being an active crewman entails, pushing her to dedicate her efforts to her study of science and technology instead. For all of her sweet nature and adventurous curiosity, Ziima feels held back, underutilized, and treated as though she is the baby of the ship. (Not entirely inaccurate - at 12, she is the youngest) She is quickly becoming the most rebellious of the Garuda V teens as a result.

Piquid (Species: Grint): Engineer, specializing in Life Support Technology. Piquid’s clever grasp of and adaptation to various foreign technologies, as well as his minute size, have made him one of the most valued members of the crew. The dexterous little Grint can climb up and shimmy his way into just about any nook or cranny on all of the Garuda V to fix tech problems in malfunctioning or damaged equipment. His quick thinking and adaptability has made him his Chief Engineer’s top choice in assisting with the dismantling and usage of foreign technology the group intends to sell or trade. Piquid’s ability to move the swiftest in an anti-gravity environment and his full understanding of the life support systems on the whole has also has also made him the go-to fellow on board whenever the artificial gravity emitters give out; A frequent occurrence, as the system became a bit squirrely as soon as Gulthorian technology was added to it 8 years prior.

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